CTF Challenge

This entire site is a CTF challenge. The flag is in the format: flag{...}. There are five "stages" to the challenge, and they are below, along with their hints. Good luck!

Stage 1

Hint: Once upon a time, these XML documents were used to store the various pages of a site.

Stage 2

Hint: Do you remember your retro cheatcodes?

Stage 3

Hint: A lot of wordpress sites use this page to control the backend. It's not very secure.

Stage 4

Hint: There's a CLI on this site. Just press tilde (`) to open it - maybe something will be there?

Stage 5

Hint: Telnet is a cool protocol. I'm pretty sure the default port number is 23. Hint 2: Remember when you used to shout "Shoot!" and make a gun with your fingers when playing Rock Paper Scissors? That beats the other three options.